Dog training in the convenience of your own home, anywhere in Barbados!

Our passion at 246 Dogs in Barbados is helping people enjoy their dogs. Obedient dogs can bring so much joy to our lives. But misbehaving, unruly dogs can affect our stress levels, finances, and sometimes even family relationships.

Ideally, we want to help prevent problem behavior from your dogs. However, we are here for you if you missed the prevention window and now need to correct some undesirable behavior. We will do our best to help you maintain (or regain) stability and harmony in the home by helping you and your dog live together in a way that fits your lifestyle.

We use a “balanced” approach to training, which means that we use a combination of rewards for desirable behavior and corrections for undesirable behavior. Our philosophy is that we must be kind and humane to our dogs but also provide the firm leadership and guidance they need. Which includes disincentivizing behaviors we do not want them to repeat.

We charge a flat rate of $80 per one-hour session, anywhere on the island.

Call Jon at 230-6032 for more information or to schedule your first training session!